Savannah MOON provides Production Services through-out the Project Development cycle from Concept Development to Distribution. We provide the following:

  • Concept Development
  • Pre-Production: Script writing, Screenwriting, Story-boarding, Casting and Prepping, Crew sourcing & mobilization, Location scouting, Scheduling, Set and Art Design; Equipment sourcing & hire;
  • Production: Directing, Line production, Sound, Lighting, Photography, Cinematography, Wardrobe/Costume design, Hair/ Nails and Make-up, Continuity, Props, Logistics, Catering, Production Management & Co-ordination;
  • Post-Production: Video Editing, Colouring/Grading, Sound Editing, SFX, VFX, Narration, Subtitling, Translations, Music/Score Composition;
  • Distribution and Marketing: Through its connections and associates, we market and distribute content both locally & internationally.
  • Personal Development and Management: Through its affiliate, ACTA.TALENT, we develop and manage raw and experienced talent in the EA region.


We provide the following to both local and international productions at our facility:

  • Convenient location – approx. 5km from Kampala city center. Close to public transport, petrol station, supermarket, small retail shops
  • Quiet studio space(s) (moderate size)
  • Logistical support including arrangements for local transport, accommodation
  • On-site Editing can be organised
  • Space for meetings, discussions, Auditions, Rehearsals space, Media training and workshops
  • Wardrobe, Hair, Nails and Make-up

  • Limited kitchen facility
  • Patio and Garden for events, meetings
  • Free car parking spaces (limited)
  • Head-shots, Resumes, Show-reels (through acta.talent)
  • Catering/crafts – in-house and outside
  • Equipment hire for cameras, sound, lighting
  • Storage space for reasonable number/amounts of sets/props
  • Secure environment and private
  • Waiting room space


Additional specialised services, production facilities and/or space can be arranged if a timely request is made.

Please enquire for more information using / or call: +256 701 272 460.